Low-FODMAP Diet Beginner's Course

Everything You Need to Get Started on the Low-FODMAP Diet

In this exclusive course with FODMAP Life you will:

  • Have all the right tools in order to get started on the low-FODMAP diet and start the Elimination Phase
  • Go grocery shopping like a champ, reading labels and picking out the right foods
  • Know how to avoid high-FODMAPs in everyday foods
  • Get one FREE month access to an online low-FODMAP recipe manager
  • Start to meal prep for success - and it will be easy
  • Learn how to change your relationship with food
  • Get support from other course attendees through our private Facebook group
  • Take a good look at how your lifestyle may be affecting your digestion
  • Know what to expect with the Reintroduction/Rechallenge Phase
  • Be invited to a LIVE Q & A through our private Facebook group. I will have special guests (low-FODMAP diet experts) available to share insight and answer questions. *For anyone who cannot make it to our live sessions, you can send me questions and the video will stay up for later viewing.

Your Instructor

Colleen Francioli
Colleen Francioli

Colleen is a certified nutritionist, author and marketing consultant with a focus on helping people with IBS, other functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGIDs) and food intolerances. She once suffered from IBS herself and has since found life balance with the low-FODMAP diet. Colleen started to help others with IBS learn how to choose the right foods and make stress relief a priority for a balanced mind-body approach to gut health.

Colleen lives with her husband and son in San Diego, CA

Class Curriculum

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